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Maxcom Ltd

is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in East Europe. We have started operations in 1996 and since then we continue developing and expanding our business. In 2001 our bikes we officially introduced in the EU and since then over 95% of our OEM products are sold to European customers.

Today, Maxcom is a part of the group MAXEUROPE. Our contemporary manufacturing plant is situated on 40 000 square meters and has the capacity to annually produce of over  400 000 bicycles from different types and segments. We achieve such accomplishment as a result of our strict policy for constant investment in R & D and human recourses. This allows Maxcom to be an example of speed, reliability and flexibility.

We add value to each customer by offering individual concepts and design; powder, water based and PU painting; storage before expedition in our own warehouse facilities, testing of components or final products in an in-house laboratory and other contractual benefits. As a result we have created two bike collections, which are available for B2C customers as well as for our OEM partners with an option for customization by their own specification.

We do all these with the vision to hearten the joy of movement and a better, more conscious attitude towards environment. This is the reason why our company mission is to promote constant improvement throughout all levels of our organization and business in order to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and community.




Sprint was the first brand of Maxcom and since 1996 it has been a symbol of the company's bicycle manifacturing traditions. Since the foundation of the company Sprint has been carrying values as quality, reliability, speed и flexibility, which are highly valued by our В2В partners. As a result of the repositioning that the brand had been trough, its collection consists of more than 40 models in 7 categories aluminum and carbon bikes.

Today, Sprint bikes are characterized by exclusive reliability, high quality, modern technical features and stylish design, which makes them a desired product by dealers, distributors, professionals and amateurs. Maxcom Ltd. is a member of the Association of Bicycle Producers in Bulgaria, a member of CONEBI.


INTERBIKE is a brand for steel bicycles, produced by Maxcom EOOD. It is designed for bikers, who focus on the balance between price and quality. With over 30 models divided in 10 categories, INTERBIKE bicycles are a perfect choice for both amateur cyclists and wholesalers. This policy successfully promotes the models from the entire collection throughout Europe and assures considerable added value to our В2В partners.

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