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Prima Evadare cross-country race

Prima Evadare cross-country race

Prima Evadare is a friendly competition in cross country cycling, which marks the start of the cycling season. The marathon is extremely popular and every year more and more cyclists participate and engage in the most massive cycling, organized on the Balkans. For the first time in 2009 the idea for the competition was born and more than 600 cyclists went on the track which starts in the outskirts of Bucharest. This year, on May 10th, over 4,000 participants competed in the cross-country biking marathon. The event was held as every year, in the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania and tracks' length of over 50 kilometers and finishing in the forests near the town of Snagov. This year, the huge number of bikers were divided into several age and professional categories. This year our cycling team Nessebar Shockblaze participated in the event and competed in the professional team category.

Our young riders in the cross-country cycling category Todor Angelov, Momchil Robov and Ivan Muhtarov competed equally with cyclists from foreign teams, amateurs and enthusiasts at the biggest bicycle race, organized in the Balkans. Despite the bad weather and the unknown terrain Todor Angelov made a stunning performance and finished in the eighth place in the category of "elite", which involved more than 20 different teams. The competition between the teams and other participants was extremely fierce from the very beginning of the race. The participating teams demonstrated professionalism and high class cycling, but the final physical training and experience of our boys is what won them the top places. Difficult moments, bad weather and muddy, unfamiliar terrain could not stop Todor Angelov in winning the eighth place in the category of "elite". His ranking in the top ten was the best performance achieved by international athletes participating in the marathon.

His teammates Ivan Muhtarov and Momchil Robov achieved good results, ranking in the top 20 contestants, by winning the 12th and 14th place in the category of "elite". Prima Evadare was the first international appearance of Nessebar Shockblaze for season 2015. Thanks to the vigorous exercise, strong competitive spirit and experience, gained from previous victories, our boys won the top positions! We share the excitement of their professional performance during the race!

Officials from the MAX EUROPE holding were also present for the entire event and held detailed discussions regarding the nature and organization of such mass events in support of cycling. Our representatives and their Romanian colleagues believe that this type of event is the best way to promote cycling!

Because cycling is not only a sport but a way of life, emotion and incomparable sense of freedom of movement!