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Bicycle Test - Dobrich and Varna

Bicycle Test - Dobrich and Varna

The very first test bicycle event, organized by Shockblaze Performance bikes, during the cross country race "Asenovgradski bairi" achieved remarkable effect. During the event several bicycle categories for different terrain, with different equipment and class. The interest in such kind of event was more than obvious. The cyclists, who participated in our test were pleasantly surprised by the fact, that they were presented with the opportunity to test ride our bicycles.

We from Shockblaze also were very pleased from the result and the connection we made with the contestants. We had the opportunity to comment and discuss the advantages, disadvantages and the future of bicycles. The personal contact and connection with the consumers is what matters most to us. Only this way we can be sure that we are on the way of creating the best bicycle. That is why we have organized three similar events in other regions.

The next test ride will give you the opportunity to try our best Sprint and Ferrini models. The first event will be held on the 18th of April in the city of Dobrich from 10 to 15 o'clock together with our partners from the bicycle shops "Velo Rai" and "Krasko". The event will take place in front of the monument of the patriotic war.

On the next day, on the 19th of April in the hearth of the sea garden of Varna, near the Pantheon, the second event will take place. We will be there from 10 until 15 o'clock. The event is organized together with bicycle shops "Velo Rai", "Djiro Bikes", "Bikes4you" and "Velos Bikes".

We will provide you information for the third bicycle test ride later on! Both in Dobrich and Varna there will be official representatives from MAXEUROPE, who will answer all your questions with pleasure. The bikes, which we will present, will be from all categories with different types of equipment and class.


We are expecting you!