About Sprint

This brand is a symbol of the company’s bicycle manufacturing traditions. Sprint bikes are characterized by exclusive reliability, high quality, modern technical features and stylish design, which make them a desired product by professional and enthusiasts.

Bicycles / MTB

Bicycles with triangular frame, made of high quality materials - carbon and aluminum. Assembled with durable and high class components. The MTB bikes cover wheel sizes, ranging  from 26” and 27,5” to 29”.


bike Sprint RADICAL Elite 27,5"
bike Sprint RADICAL Elite 29"
bike Sprint RADICAL 27,5"
bike Sprint RADICAL 29"
bike Sprint APOLON Pro 27,5"
bike Sprint APOLON  27,5"
bike Sprint APOLON 29 "
bike Sprint APOLON  29 " ECO
bike Sprint APOLON Pro 26"
bike Sprint GTS Pro 26"
bike Sprint GTS  26"
bike Sprint GTS 29"